What is a “Support” Group?

Discover what a support group is and how it can help you during the more challenging times in your life.

Families Strong WV is a free, 8-week support group designed to provide support to family and friends of individuals with substance use issues. We are often asked ‘what is meant by a “support group” ‘ and ‘how can it benefit me?’ Families Strong WV is a group of peers who listen to and share with each other in a private, safe, comfortable environment. You’ll be encouraged to share your personal experiences and join in discussions of topics that will likely resonate with all members of the group. We’ve developed discussion topics that will help you discover how to care for yourself and improve your relationship with your loved one.

Designed to Support You

The sessions often include both guided activities and time for open discussion, facilitated by a group leader. We work through the sessions together, allowing you the space to process your thoughts and feelings. The support group also provides an opportunity for you to support others. We know that everyone’s situation is different, so we tailor the support we offer to each support group and the participants within it.

Support, Not Therapy

Keep in mind that Families Strong WV is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. We focus on building a community of individuals with similar experiences who can openly share their challenges and feelings. From there, we provide you with tools and support to learn how to cope better with substance use issues. If you or your loved one needs treatment, therapy, or medical help, this program is not for you. Instead, we recommend contacting an appropriate facility to handle more serious health care needs. Take a look at findhelp.org—it is an excellent resource to find a treatment facility or mental healthcare practitioner. And it even includes resources to help your loved one find a job, ways to improve their credit, and more.

Providing Hope During Challenging Times

If you have a loved one with a substance use issue, you are not alone. We’re here to help you. A main goal of Families Strong VW is to provide hope in the most difficult days of your life. Our program isn’t designed to be a 12-step program like AA. However, it is led by laypeople under the guidance and training of behavior health professionals. All members are equal participants, which is a key feature of our groups. We hope that from our first day working together, you’ll see a shift in your outlook and coping mechanisms. From there, you can work to take control of your life once again and rediscover the joy of time with your family and friends.

Learn More

Are you looking for support while dealing with a family member or friend with substance use issues? Join us. Visit familiesstrongwv.com to find an upcoming group near you. If you are still unsure of what we are offering, contact us today at (681) 378-2086 or email info@groupmosaic.com for more information. We’ll be here whenever you are ready. We’ll help you enroll in our group and give you the support and resources you need to support your friend or family member while they are on the road to recovery.


Families Strong WV is a free, 8-week support group for the families and friends of individuals who are using substances. It is designed to help reduce the negative effects of substance use issues on West Virginia families. The program is developed and guided by Mosaic Group, nationally recognized experts in behavioral health, with financial support from the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Services.


Contact us at the Mosaic Group. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.

Tel: 681-378-2086
Email: info@groupmosaic.com

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