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The Families Strong WV team is comprised of the behavioral health specialists and management consultants of the Mosaic Group and trained Peer Group Leaders from West Virginia. This team structure allows us to develop the most demonstrably effective program possible for the communities we serve.

All of our leaders are trained and guided by the Mosaic Group’s team of experts to provide you with a comfortable and safe setting, information and tools, and a compassionate ear. Learn more about our group leaders below—and feel free to reach out to find out more.

Frederick H. Strieder, PhD, MSSA, LCSW-C

Frederick H. Strieder, PhD, MSSA, LCSW-C

Families Strong WV Group Leader and Mosaic Group Senior Behavioral Health Advisor

Fred served as the director of programs at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and University of Maryland Baltimore. He has provided and designed extensive training services for families who have experienced trauma. “Being part of the group as a leader together we share the pain and struggle of families and the compassion and strength to support each other in making changes that benefits the entire family.”
Dawn M. Brown, MS

Dawn M. Brown, MS

Families Strong WV Group Leader and Mosaic Group Lead Senior Behavioral Health Consultant

I am a family member and friend to people in recovery and understand firsthand how damaging substance use can be to a relationship. I enjoy facilitating groups because I can see the change in participants. Families Strong is a valuable resource that I am honored to be a part of. I’m also a member of the Mosaic Group team and have led numerous Families Strong groups.
M. Aisling Martin, MSSW

M. Aisling Martin, MSSW

Families Strong WV Group Leader and Mosaic Group Senior Behavioral Health Consultant

I know what it’s like to love someone who is dealing with addiction. Learning tools to cope has been essential for me. I’ve led numerous Families Strong groups and am also a member of the Mosaic Group team. Leading groups gives me the opportunity to share the evidence-based strategies that have helped me, my relationships, and quality of life.

Become a Group Leader

Though the mental health professionals of Mosaic Group develop and guide the Families Strong curriculum, our groups use peer leaders from West Virginia as much as possible. This structure not only helps participants in profound ways, it also helps our group leaders find a deeper understanding of their own healing path.

If your organization is interested in offering Families Strong, contact us. We love to partner with organizations in the community to implement our groups.


Contact us at the Mosaic Group. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.


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