Don’t Go Through This Alone

Leaning on others and tapping available resources can make all the difference when supporting a loved one dealing with substance use disorder.

When your loved one uses substances, it will likely disruptive to your entire family. But don’t overlook the impact it can also have on you.

The burden of supporting a loved one struggling with substance use disorder can be formidable. It can feel especially lonely. That loneliness may be worsened by feelings of embarrassment or shame, or by a commitment to protect your family’s—and your own—privacy. The reality, however, is that many others are going through the same thing you are experiencing. Rather than “dealing with it” on your own, by seeking help you can build strength and make your situation more tolerable for you, your loved one, and your family.

The good news is there are more people you can turn to, and helpful resources you can access than you may realize. They include the following:

Your Own Personal Support Network

Your loved ones and close friends are likely to understand your situation better than anyone. Drawing on trusting relationships, you can engage in healthy or enjoyable activities and have candid conversations in confidence about your challenges. In addition, those close to you often will be invested in helping you get needed help and support.

Online Resources

There are many excellent resources you can access online for information about substance use disorder symptoms, warning signs, and side effects. Online you can also find information to help you better handle your loved one’s substance-related behavior. Perhaps most importantly, you can find information on assessment and treatment options that can help put your loved one on the road to recovery. Among the valuable online resources are

Community Resources

Many organizations right where you live offer a variety of treatment and support services to help you and your loved one using substances. These can include

Explore these entities’ websites and ask friends and contacts in the community if they know of organizations or services they can recommend. You’ll likely be surprised at the help available.

Support Groups

Families Strong WV offers free support groups for loved ones of those with substance use disorder. In addition to providing opportunities to connect with others facing the same challenges, these support groups offer valuable guidance and tools you can use to communicate effectively with your loved one, set healthy boundaries, and advocate for your own self-care.

To sign up for a Families Strong WV support group, go to our “Join A Group” page and select the best option for you.


Families Strong WV is a free, 8-week support group for the families and friends of individuals who are using substances. It is designed to help reduce the negative effects of substance use issues on West Virginia families. The program is developed and guided by Mosaic Group, nationally recognized experts in behavioral health, with financial support from the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Services.


Contact us at the Mosaic Group. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.

Tel: 681-378-2086

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