What To Expect

We focus on building a community of individuals with similar experiences who can openly share their challenges and feelings. So, once you join a group, a group leader or other facilitator will contact you to share more information about the group.

Here are some other things you can expect:

  • Each group is private and limited to 10 members or less. This allows everyone an opportunity to share in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
  • You will see the same small group of people at every meeting.
  • Group are designed to accommodate the participants’ schedules. Groups meeting weekly for 8 weeks. Each session is up to 1.5 hours.
  • Group meetings include time to share experiences, learn tools and techniques to help you cope, and explore resources to help you and your loved ones get the help you need.
  • Our sessions include both guided activities and time for open discussion, facilitated by a trained group leader. We work through the sessions together, allowing you the space to process your thoughts and feelings. We know that everyone’s situation is different, so we tailor the support we offer to each particular support group and the participants within it.

In addition to your participation in group meetings, Families Strong invites you to complete anonymous pre- and post-group surveys. You are not required to complete these surveys, but they do serve as a helpful method to share your progress from program start to end. We sincerely hope you will answer the survey questions as fully as you feel comfortable.

These meetings are not group therapy. If you or your loved one needs treatment, therapy, or medical help, this program is not for you. Instead, we recommend contacting an appropriate facility to handle more serious healthcare needs. Take a look at findhelp.org—it is an excellent resource to find a treatment facility or mental healthcare practitioner. And it even includes resources to help your loved one find a job, ways to improve their credit, and more.

Still have questions? Contact us.


Contact us at the Mosaic Group. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.


Tel: info@groupmosaic.com

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